I Tried Candy Club & This Is How It Went…

I was scrolling through Facebook one day and I came across an ad for Candy Club. It said, “$20 off your first box!” and I figured why not check out their website? I ended up signing up with my email, but not buying any subscriptions right away. This was probably the best idea because they sent me a handful of emails with better coupons.

I had two offers that stood out the most— Buy 3 candies, get 3 free and a 70% off deal.

I thought, why the hell not and went on to buy a subscription. LOL

When you get to the website, they give you three options for their subscriptions. You can either do a month-by-month plan ($39.99/ month + shipping), a six month plan ($34.99/ month + shipping), or 12 ($29.99/month + shipping). I picked the six month. (You can also cancel at anytime, no charge).

After picking your plan, they let you add three candies a month for $14.99. Because I used the 70% and thought my box was kinda cheap, I added three more to get a full experience.

At the very end of the order, they will ask you if you like more sour candies or sweet/gummies. This helps them pick out your three or six candies each month since it’s random. One thing that I liked is, I put my order in before the 4th of July and got the box that following Saturday! (Three days only to get here!) Not Bad!!



This is the box the candy came in. It was a little heavy, but it came it great condition. I really loved the aqua blue they had on the sides. It brightened up the box and made it fun.


Opening the box was the appealing part! For starters, it’s NICELY wrapped! Their presentation was incredible! Secondly, the box itself is fun and has color to it. Could you imagine if the box was all brown? And third, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT KIND OF CANDY I GOT! All I know is I picked sour candy!! So as my anticipation kept going….



I finally got to see what I got! Every box comes with a list of the candies inside as well as the nutrition facts on the back. Each box also comes with a bonus candy that they throw around the others as “decoration” if you will. (Mine were Ferrara Pan Jawbusters). To be honest, I was a little bummed with my first box. I only liked three out of the six candies, but this was a given since it was so random with 100+ flavors they could pick from.

Here’s what I got:

Nassau Sour Peachy Hearts (my FAV from the box)


IMG_20180708_231813_422 (1)

These are my FAVORITE from the whole box! I’m almost done eating these already! They have a peachy flavor to them that I absolutely love!

Dorval Blazpberry Sour Belts


These are probably my second favorite out of the box. They’r really sour, but have a blue raspberry taste at the end that’s amazing.

Sweet Maple Silly Bananas


I was very unimpressed by these! For being premier candy, I felt like this jar was from one of the 25 cent machines at the mall. They tasted like sweet tarts which I was not a fan of. I easily passed these to my mom to give to her coworkers. NEXT!

Vidal Grape Gummy Marshmallow Drops


I didn’t care for these as much either because of the flavor. I strongly dislike grape, so this wasn’t a good match for me.

Dorval Rademaker Hopjes

IMG_20180708_231044_637 (1)

IMG_20180708_232059_199 (1)

These were a nice surprise to have! They ended up being my third favorite from the box. Apparently these are classic Dutch hard candies that have a coffee flavor to them. They have a really smooth taste as well. I would definitely recommend checking these out if you like coffee or coffee flavored candies.

Gustaf’s Sour Apple Laces

IMG_20180708_232248_431 (1)

These were the last of the six candies I had got. These are very sour like the Blazpberry Sour Belts, but not as tasty. I think the sour apple is overpowering with the sourness in these. They’re good if you enjoy very sour candy.

Overall, I think this product is worth it if you are a HUGE candy eater! I also think this would make an amazing gift for a friend or significant other as a one time buy. As far as getting a six to twelve month supply for yourself with six jars in each box, it might be a lot to eat. Or in other words, very unhealthy.

I contacted Candy Club and they have changed my settings to where I can now pick my own candies each month. I may or may not do the full six months, but I will definitely be cutting down to three jars instead of six.

I will update if my experience changes!

Here’s the website for anyone who is interested! Candy Club

UPDATE : Use this link and your first box is FREE!! 😊

LINK: http://www.candyclub.com/r/5379b79f32

La Flare

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    1. Yessss!!! It’s kinda pricey honestly for a each month, but I think it would be a really good gift for someone! Thanks so much for reading!! 😊


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