28 Things I Learned By 28

Last year, I decided to write a blog post about all the things I had learned by age 27 (you can read that post here). I have no idea why I did 26 facts instead of 27, but I said what I said & it’s too late to go back now.

Since today is my birthday & I’m officially 28 now, I wanted to share a new list. So much can happen within a year & my outlook on things are a lot different than they were last year. I’m at a different point in my life now & I think it’s important to go back & reflect on things from the past. This is how you learn & try to not repeat the same mistakes. Life goes on to say the least, but this list is truly how I feel today.

It was a rough year, but I made it through. Cheers to 28!β™πŸΎ

  1. Don’t trust anyone!
  2. Always put yourself first. It’s not selfish & people will always pick themselves over you anyways.
  3. You’ll outgrow people & that’s okay.
  4. Live in the moment & keep taking tons of pictures while doing so.
  5. Your first love isn’t always your last.Β  (This one hurt so bad)
  6. When people show you who they are from the beginning, believe them.
  7. It’s okay if you aren’t over the past. Everyone heals at their own pace.
  8. People who constantly blame you for their issues are not worth your time. No matter how long you knew them.
  9. Spend quality time with your mom. She only gets older as you continue to as well.
  10. Always forgive yourself. Especially after shit you put yourself through when you were in love.
  11. Change is good. Really good.
  12. Don’t be afraid to take risks that involve amazing opportunities. Missing out is so much worse.
  13. Watch out for the people who say “must be nice!”
  14. Life always goes on. Even when you don’t want it to. On those days, count your blessings & be grateful for where you are today.
  15. Quit trying to mend relationships with people who don’t put in the effort.
  16. Love hurts so fucking bad. So so so so bad, but I shouldn’t close my heart off to not find love again.
  17. Take as many trips as you can each year. Having something to look forward to is both exciting & healthy.
  18. Skin care. Skin care. Skin care.
  19. There’s always someone who has something negative to say about you. Fuck them.
  20. Last year I thought people could change. This year I found out they do not. (Unless they REALLY want to).
  21. Know your worth & stand your ground. Always.
  22. Growing up, I used to hate my first & middle name so much. Now I’m grateful I don’t have some basic ass name. How many Sorayah’s or Jamila’s are popping up now? K.
  23. Love yourself more than you love anyone. I mean ANYONE!
  24. Boundaries are important. State yours & stick to them.
  25. Help others whenever you can, but always make sure you’re good first. You can’t pour from an empty glass!
  26. Cats fix EVERYTHING!!! Especially a broken heart. Don’t doubt how much love & affection you can feel from an animal.
  27. Make a yearly goal list. It will help accomplish the things you want out of life.
  28. Use writing as an outlet for everything. Write your feelings down. Write the things you want to do. Write your dreams & your goals. Write about your life. Just WRITE!

Thank you to the 460+ people who follow, read, & share my blog! Your support means everything to me! I cannot thank you all enough!


La Flare

Skin, Bones, and Too Much Love — S. Gray

26 thoughts on “28 Things I Learned By 28

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  1. I can feel the sadness oozing out of this post. I hope by the time you write 29 things you learned by your 29th birthday, that you’d have found much more happiness. Stay strong ❀


    1. Love brought a lot of sadness into my life by the time I turned 28 this weekend. I do hope to one day let that pain go, but it’s hard when you were so deeply in love. I’m confident by 29, my outlook on life & love will change again. Thank you for reading!


  2. I’m well past 28, but the one that still really resonates with me is “Boundaries are important. State yours & stick to them.” I really started embracing that one once I hit 30 – cheers for figuring it out earlier than I did!

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  3. I’m only 21 and I’m now stepping out of academia and meeting people. I’m starting to experience things now and all of your points are so good and wise. I really should keep these in mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed!! The older you get, the more you keep to yourself too! I rather have 2 good friends than 6 phonies. Thank you so much for reading!πŸ’• & cheers to a new girl!πŸ₯‚


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