Casablanca, Morocco — The MotherlandπŸ‡²πŸ‡¦

Traveling internationally is something I haven’t done in a while; In over 11 years to be exact. There’s something about flying over The Atlantic Ocean that scares me, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because I’ve been flying a lot this year? But nonetheless, the flights to Casablanca and coming home were pretty laid back and easy. It took around 13 hours to get there and a little longer on the way home because we stopped in Madrid, but that’s another blog post I will link to this one once completed!😊 (You can read about my Madrid trip here:21 Hours In Madrid, Spain!)

Leaving Chicago

My mom and I were traveling to Morocco mostly to handle personal business, but also to see some family and spend a few days out there for vacation. Like I mentioned prior, it’s been a while since I went overseas, so it was a little different than I last remembered. I’m also older and more mature now. The last time I visited Casablanca, I was 17. Now being 28, I have a different mindset on life and appreciate things more. It’s definitely interesting to see how others live and the way of life they have adapted to compared to the way we live in America. There are countless differences, yet so many similarities!

Near the hotel
Near the hotel with the ocean in the distance

When To Visit:

There is really no bad time to visit Casablanca if you’re strictly looking at weather. The lowest temperatures they reach in winter are in the 60’s and honestly that’s wayyyyy better than 10 degree Chicago weather for me! In the summer, it’s obviously warmer and they reach into the 80’s, but it might be more packed with tourist. Traveling during off season is best if you want to beat the crowds and save a little on flights and hotels. We just went in November/December, but I think anything in spring or fall would be ideal!

Such clear skies
Crescent moon on the first night
Beautiful sunset

Where To Stay:

Depending on what you want to do in Casablanca, you might want to stay inside the busy city or on the outskirts like by the beach. My mom and I decided to stay on the beach and enjoy the view. It was really nice to be able to walk alongside the coast in the morning and in the evenings. Nothing beats having the ocean right outside your hotel! It was also super close to the boardwalk and many locations to eat. There was even a mall with a grocery store inside which made things more convenient for us when we needed items for our stay. We stayed at Pestana Casablanca which was pleasant and I would recommend. I would also suggest the Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca if you don’t mind spending extra. The Four Seasons looked absolutely gorgeous and I know the stay with them must be unforgettable with their valuable reputation!

**Both hotels have balconies and offer ocean views. (I’m not sure about the Four Seasons, but Pestana has balconies for every hotel suite).**

Gloomy clouds over the ocean (before it rained)
The beautiful sunrise over the ocean
The beautiful sunrise over the ocean
The beautiful sunrise over the ocean
The beautiful sunrise over the ocean
The beautiful sunrise over the ocean
The beautiful sunrise over the ocean
The beautiful sunrise over the ocean
The beautiful sunrise over the ocean
Gloomy clouds over the ocean (before it rained)
Gloomy clouds over the ocean (before it rained)
Moroccan Decor/Vibes
The sunset from the front of the hotel

Where To Eat:

We obviously tried numerous locations when it came to our meals, but there are a few places that I would strongly suggest and would love to go to again! These restaurants include:

Le Cabestan is a MUST! The ocean view is marvelous, but the food is really good and flavorful! I would also recommend making reservations for prime seating. We went for lunch, but I’m sure the view during sunset is even better!

My mom, cousin, & I at Le Cabestan
Our view from our table at Le Cabestan
Our view from our table at Le Cabestan

Sky 28 is also another great location with sky high views of Casablanca and Hassan II Mosque in the distance. You can either sit down for lunch and/or dinner or go upstairs for a drink. We did both and honestly, Sky did not disappoint. The windows were a little dirty, so the view wasn’t the best, but it was still an elegant place to check out.

The view from Sky 28

OSTRΓ‰A II is another good place if you like seafood and LOVE oysters! This restaurant is located right on the lagoon near the ocean in Oualidia, which is about two hours south of Casablanca. We took a day trip down there with my aunt and cousin just to go to OSTRΓ‰A. Apparently my grandpa knew the owner and I had been going there since I was a baby. (I really don’t remember any of this, but my mom has been taking me to Morocco since I was eight months old). Oualidia is a lot different than Casablanca because it’s more of the “country side,” but it was still cool to experience.

Seafood Paella from OSTRÉA II

What To See:

When most tourist travel to Morocco, they go straight to Marrakech or Chefchaouen. Although Casablanca is not as known as these popular cities (besides for the movie “Casablanca”), it’s still worth visiting! Some places I would suggest are as follows:

Outside the mosque
The beautiful architecture
My photoshoot at the mosque lol

Hassan II Mosque is probably the number one landmark of Casablanca today. The mosque is so big and beautiful! We unfortunately didn’t go inside and we were not praying, but it was still inspiring to see the mosque in person. The architecture alone is breathtaking and all the marble with the gorgeous teal blue granite and stone make the finishing touches on this place. I think this is a location where many tourist come to take pictures, but I had my own photoshoot as well!

Outside the mosque
The infamous photo
The architecture & detail
My photoshoot at the mosque lol
My photoshoot at the mosque lol
The ceiling even has gorgeous detail!
Side view
My photoshoot at the mosque lol
My mom & I
Right outside the mosque in front
My photoshoot at the mosque lol
Outside of the mosque
My photoshoot at the mosque lol
My photoshoot at the mosque lol
My photoshoot at the mosque lol
The taxi driver insisted I come here for this photo of the mosque!

Another place to check out is the old medina. Here you can bargain with merchants for all sorts of items, including foods. I know you have to be very careful here because there are many cases of pickpocketing, but it’s nothing too crazy compared to other high pickpocketing places. Just keep your purse or wallet close by and there shouldn’t be any issues. Even if you don’t have intentions of purchasing anything, it’s interesting to see what others are selling and what kind of unique handcrafted items you can come across.

There are so many stray cats in Morocco, but this one was the cutest!
All this cuteness in one photo!

Going back to Morocco after all these years was really enjoyable. I got to spend time with some family I haven’t seen in years and also got the chance to experience Casablanca with a different outlook. I would certainly suggest checking out Casablanca if you ever plan a trip to Morocco! It’s worth the stop and most definitely worth the time!


La Flare

The mall by the ocean
The mall by the ocean
The mall by the ocean
Always tea time in Morocco!πŸ™„

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  1. Oh my goodness, Casablanca looks absolutely gorgeous! The architecture is to die for. It’s not somewhere I have ever thought of visiting but I definitely want to put it on my bucket list now. Amazing post, thank you for writing this!

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  2. I would love to go to Morocco someday, especially Casablanca. These are such beautiful photos. I think I would want to stay by the beach too. Are the beaches swimmable? The food looks delicious! Also, cute kitties!

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  3. This post brings back fond memories! I managed an account in Casablanca, between 2015 and 2016. I absolutely loved Casablanca, and Morocco as a country, for that matter. Being originally from Lebanon, I noticed a lot of parallels between our countries. While Casa was where my client was based, we traveled extensively in the country.
    You have superb photos on this post, a lot which struck a cord with me, as I had forgotten how beautiful the landscape was. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    I had written a few blog posts on Morocco, but, alas, my current blog is not on travel and I don’t have a site for them…maybe I should publish them anyway πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome !! My family’s from Casablanca, so I’ve gone since a baby. Hope to make it to some other places in North Africa sometime in life! Glad my photos could bring back precious memories! Thank you so much for reading!


  4. Morocco looks stunning! It would be nice to see this mosque in person – your pictures really paint a compelling story of the city. Thank you for sharing in such a beautiful way.

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  5. OMG, being stuck in covid lockdown this post is like a breath of fresh air! The photos are sooo stunning and I feel like I went on a little mini vacation. Thank you so much for sharing, it sounds like a beautiful place to visit.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What stunning photos you have taken! The Hassan II Mosque looks absolutely incredible. It has so much intricate and beautiful detail. I’ve love to visit here. Morocco looks like an amazing country. I’ll get here one day. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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