Picture This

I enjoy sharing my photos with each new blog post, but I don't always get the chance to share them all. That's why I like making these posts every now and then. A picture is worth a thousand words, so please sit back and enjoy. You can check out my other photography posts here: Everything,... Continue Reading →

Capture The Moment 📷

When I first started my blog, my mission was to share my writing with others and be able to express myself openly on a platform that I owned. I soon realized this was a great way to share my photography as well. I enjoy making these blog posts every now and then with photos I... Continue Reading →

Every Moment Matters! 📸

Now and then I like to make a post to share the random photographs I took throughout the months that I didn't already share on my blog. Sometimes it's nice to just look at pictures and do less reading. Enjoy! Xox La Flare

A Lasting Impression

Photographs are an essential part of life. Without them, we would be limited on things to look back on. We think of photos as memories or keepsakes. We hold on to them because they mean something to us. A picture can tell so many stories and remind us of times we thought we forgot. How... Continue Reading →

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