Sky High In Colorado

Weekend trips are easily becoming a favorite hobby of mine. I love exploring new places and seeing how other people live in different parts of the country. Although two days can be very short to sightsee, I try to cover as much ground as possible!

I’ve been wanting to visit Colorado for some time now, so I finally booked a trip spontaneously a few weeks ago. (I’m trying this new thing where if I want to do something, I just do it. Buying tickets, going places, etc., w/o waiting on someone). I’m honestly so happy that I did because I had such a great time! I know if I had waited on others, I would not be going anytime soon! A friend from high school ended up joining me on this vacation, so it was nice to not be entirely alone as well!

I flew into Denver early Friday morning and got the day started right away after checking into my Airbnb. I stayed in Capitol Hill which was an awesome location close to everything I wanted to do! The neighborhood was really cute as well with some Victorian homes and a bohemian vibe. My host was a college graduate from Boulder, so she gave me a bunch of recommendations that came in handy!

My first stop was the Denver Art Museum. As you will see, I have no photos from here. Photographs weren’t allowed, but they had so many incredible paintings! Especially the ones from Britain ranging from the 1400s to the 1800s. They also had an exhibit by Jordan Casteel who had huge, colorful portraits that spoke so loudly. Each of her paintings had a million words to them and the bold colors helped bring out the liveliness. (She’s an emerging artist based in Harlem, N.Y. but originally from Denver).

Downtown Denver
Downtown Denver
Downtown Denver

After the museum, I checked out the city a bit. We drove by many of the neighborhoods admiring the differences and similarities. It was pretty simple to get around compared to Chicago. The city is definitely smaller, but really charming overall.

Driving to Boulder

On Saturday, we drove up to Boulder to Chautauqua Park. The drive alone was so beautiful seeing all the mountains on the way, but the park was breathtaking! We didn’t hike the entire thing, nor did we come prepared to really hike (as you can tell by my attire LOL), but we made sure to get some amazing pictures! The view was just absolutely stunning and it helped that the weather was relatively nice and sunny too!

Hiking up the trail at Chautauqua Park
Chautauqua Park
Chautauqua Park
Chautauqua Park
Chautauqua Park
Chautauqua Park
“Pride Rock” & I
Always adjusting
Chautauqua Park
Chautauqua Park
A Leopard in the Wilderness

AfterΒ Chautauqua Park, we grabbed some food and checked out the smoke shops near the college campus. The area reminded me of IU Bloomington a bit, just a lot more relaxed and chill!

The drive back to Denver

After leaving Boulder, we drove back down to Denver and went to Cheesman Park near the Airbnb. It was super packed with families and teenagers getting ready to go to prom, but it was still laid back.

The Pavillion
The Pavillion at Cheesman Park
A random succulent in one of the gardens

For dinner, I made sure to go to Appaloosa Grill for some bison! This was an absolute must for me because I love steak/red meat. There was no way in hell I was going to leave Colorado without trying bison. (FYI; the whole thing was delicious!)

Bison w/ Chimichurri Sauce

One of the last stops of the trip was to see the Colorado State Capitol Building. I really wish we had the time Friday to look inside, but the outside alone was captivating. I didn’t even have to add a filter to these pictures!

Front of The Colorado State Capitol Building
Colorado State Capitol Building
Other Front of The Colorado State Capitol Building
Colorado State Capitol Building

Everything considered, I would definitely recommend checking out Denver & Boulder Colorado! I honestly loved it so much and can’t wait to visit again! The people were super nice and welcoming! The atmosphere was chill and laid back! And of course, the mountains were so beautiful to see in person! It’s an experience I will never forget for my first time out West and I can’t wait to explore more of Colorado in the near future!

Downtown Denver


La Flare

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  1. These pics are beautiful! I’m taking a quick trip ti Denver in August for work, and I’m going to try my best to squeeze in some sight seeing! Your post has me even more excited to go, I’ve never been out west before!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Me neither! This was my first time out west besides like California, but I feel like thats more west coast than anything. Denver was sooooo much fun & the mountains were so pretty to see in person!! I hope you enjoy it ! & thanks so much for reading! ☺️❀

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  2. Love love love Colorado, grew up there from the time I was 4 till almost 12. We lived in the Springs and there is SOOO much to explore that it will take more than a weekend trip. My family has gone back a couple times since to visit and there just isn’t enough time to show them what I grew up with. Can’t forget those mountain views either, they are gorgeous. Next time you’ll have to see about the Garden of Gods, Pikes Peak and Santa’s Workshop. Glad you got to go.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I’ll have to check out those locations next time! I definitely want to go to Colorado springs though. I heard the views are incredibly


  3. Wonderful post! Amazing pics too! I’ve been to Denver a few times in the last 6 months to catch flights and have only seen downtown. Desperate to go up to Boulder! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a lovely get a way! I have never thought of Denver as somewhere I would stop by but after seeing all your pictures and that food, I might just add it to one of my weekend getaways! Great pictures!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I always wanted to visit Colorado & see the mountains. I also was able to find my airline tickets for about $160, so I had to go! Lol thanks so much for reading! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


  5. Great post! I grew up in Colorado, went to college in Denver, and now live in the mountains. It sounds like you had a great balance of city and nature activities, perfect for a quick weekend trip! Thanks for sharingβ€”I hope someday you can return and explore even more! πŸ™‚

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  6. I have a question: how did the bison burger really compare to beef? I’ve had bison down in Texas and I thought it was a little dry … did I just get a bad piece, or a bad cook? Did it really measure up?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a filet of bison, but it was absolutely delicious! Compared to beef, it tasted about the same. I also had it cooked to medium with chimichurri sauce on the side. I would reccomend trying it again. Maybe the place you went didn’t serve it correctly? Everyone has their own tastebuds obviously, but if you like beef, you would definitely like bison!😊 I ate the entire thing & I never finish my food. No matter how big or small the plate is. Lol


  7. I love Colorado. Went to Denver last year to visit a friend and had a great time exploring. Your photos look amazing though and really make me want to go back asap

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