Breathtaking Bermuda — [Traveling During COVID-19 Part 6]

Bermuda was originally known as the “Isle of Devils” because of its sometimes stormy weather, its loud indigenous birds, and its surrounding coral reef that made it difficult for ships to approach the island. Oftentimes, people connect Bermuda to the infamous “Bermuda Triangle” and question “if they will come back” if they went. There are also numerous stories of ships and planes that went through the Bermuda Triangle and never made it out, thus connecting these incidents to the island itself. Although there are mysteries that remain unsolved, it’s important to know Bermuda is only the eastern point of the notorious triangle (the other two points are Miami and Puerto Rico). So, if you ever went to Puerto Rico from the U.S., chances are you probably flew through the triangle without even knowing it.

Greetings From Bermuda
Greetings From Bermuda

If you’ve been to Bermuda or did any research on the island, then you know how beautiful it actually is. The beaches are breathtaking with turquoise water and pink sand. The people are very knowledgeable always ready to educate you on the history of the island, but they are also so kind and inviting, it makes the stay so much more enjoyable. Sometimes when you go to other islands like in the Caribbean, it’s advised that you stay on resort for safety reasons, but in Bermuda you can explore the entire island! It’s really that safe! (Obviously still be aware of your surroundings, but it’s not dangerous like other places.) The island is about 21 miles long, so seeing the whole thing is definitely doable if you’re spending a week or so in Bermuda, but keep in mind transportation adds up quickly unless you are taking the bus. You can’t rent a car on the island because they try to limit the amount of cars on the road. The only thing you can rent is a Twizy for about $100/day. Also remember since Bermuda is a British Territory, they drive on the left side of the road.

Warwick Long Bay
Warwick Long Bay

It’s important to note that we visited Bermuda during Covid-19 and they still had restrictions in place. In order to enter Bermuda, you must obtain a negative PCR no more than four days before arrival. You must also fill out a Travel Authorization form one to three days before departure with the negative results from your PCR and submit a $75 payment. This will cover the cost of testing on the island. Once you arrive, you must test again at the airport and quarantine at your accommodation (or resort) until negative results are received (I actually got my results back in about six hours after I landed). You will need to test again on day four, eight, and fourteen. If a negative test is required to return to your country, they will schedule it for you. Vaccines were also mandatory, but I’m unsure if they dropped that requirement now.

Me at Coco Reef

When To Visit:

Besides the superstition surrounding Bermuda, it’s also known as being one of the most expensive islands in the world. This is mostly because everything has to be imported. On the upside, there are no taxes, but it’s made up in import duties. The Bermudian dollar is equivalent to the American dollar, which is also accepted all over the island, so you can pay in either currency. Since it’s interchangeable, it makes things a little easier if you’re traveling from the U.S.

This cute lion fountain at our hotel

So when should you visit Bermy? It really depends on your budget and what you plan on doing. Even though Bermuda is an island, some assume it’s warm all year round like in the Caribbean, but that’s not the case. If you want to go to the beaches and enjoy the warm weather, you’ll want to visit anytime between May to October. This is also known as their “busy season” which increases the price for hotels and flights. Hotels are easily around $450+ a night, but you might be able to find something a little cheaper if you choose a two star hotel, a B&B, or rent out a room on a third party app like Airbnb. Visiting during November to early March is your best bet if you want to save the most money on airfare and hotel accommodations, but keep in mind the weather is mild during this time and you won’t be spending much time at the beach sunbathing. The temperature can drop to the low 60s, but Bermuda has more to offer than just crystal clear beaches.

The sunrise from our patio
The sunrise from our patio

Where To Stay:

There are numerous resorts to choose from on the island, but again, it depends on what you have planned and what your budget is. Many high-end resorts offer spas, private golf courses, and a private beach access as well as many on-site dining options, so some people may never find the need to leave their resort. Grotto Bay has a spa inside a cave on their property, but their location is pretty far from everything besides the airport, the caves, and St. George’s Island. (They are a little less expensive since it’s a three star hotel, but it can still be pricey during peak season.)

We stayed at Newstead Belmont Hills which was absolutely perfect! They are located in the center of the island and across the bay from downtown Hamilton. This was very convenient for us since our Covid test for day four was scheduled in Hamilton. Newstead also offers a complimentary water taxi to Hamilton and a shuttle to Elbow Beach (or Coco Reef Resort). I cannot recommend them enough from their outstanding staff to the gorgeous views from our room. Their resort is truly one of the best on the island! Newstead’s location is ideal because it’s within 20 minutes of every major attraction. This helped save some money on the taxis as well.

Newstead Belmont Hills (our room was on the right in the yellow cottage)
Newstead Belmont Hills
The entire hotel
The pool at Newstead
The sunrise from our room

Remember how I said transportation adds up quickly? Well each taximeter starts off at $5.15 and each additional mile is $2.75. If you are traveling in a group larger than four, then the meter starts at $6.45 and each additional mile is $3.50. There are also additional fees between midnight to 6 a.m. and on Sundays. I believe our cheapest ride was around $15 for a few miles to one of the beaches nearby and our most expensive rides were around $40. So, imagine going to dinner at the Royal Naval Dockyard from our location. It would be about $80 roundtrip not including tip. That’s why it’s very important to stay somewhere in the center if you want to visit the entire island. If you were going from St. George’s Island over to the Royal Naval Dockyard, the ride would probably cost about $80 one way. Even though the taxis are super expensive (gas is like $8 a gallon), each ride was very enjoyable. It’s not like in Chicago when you get in the back of the taxi and the driver doesn’t even say hi or acknowledge you. Every driver was very friendly, super informative, and BEYOND delightful. Some of the best conversations were during our rides. We even met some drivers from the states who moved back to Bermuda after some time in the U.S. It’s safe to say we left Bermy meeting some amazing people we plan to connect with again when we return!

The sunset on night one from Newstead!
Bermuda Sunsets
The sunset from the resort on night one

What To Do:

Bermuda is known for their beautiful beaches with pink sand, but there are many things to do other than soaking up the sun all day. This is a main reason why I chose to visit Bermy. I wanted to explore the entire island and not sit at a resort or go to the beach everyday. I like to go out and see shit. My mom always jokes that my vacation plans are never like a vacation because we’re always out doing something and rarely relaxing. LOL! What can I say? I want to fill my day with activities! My itineraries are usually jam-packed!

Some places I recommend checking out are:

Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves
Over 30 million years old
Bermuda’s True Hidden Treasures
Crystal Caves with crystal clear water
Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves
Mark Twain visited back in 1908 and said it’s “The most beautiful cave in the world.”
Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves, Bermuda
Crystal Caves
Blue Hole Park
Downtown Hamilton
One of Bermuda’s many churches
Front Street (Downtown Hamilton) & a cruise ship
King’s Wharf
St. George’s Island
St. George’s Island — Town Hall
St. Peter's Church on St. George’s Island in Bermuda
St. Peter’s Church — St. George’s Island
The graveyard behind St. Peter’s Church
The graveyard behind St. Peter’s Church
The graveyard behind St. Peter’s Church
The graveyard behind St. Peter’s Church
The Unfinished Church
Beautiful colored homes with spectacular architecture
Fort St. Catherine (oldest one on the island)

We didn’t get to experience any boat tours or have a boat day unfortunately, but I would highly recommend looking into the private boat charters or the sailing adventures they offer.

Beaches To Visit:

Now on to the best part, the beaches!

Bermuda has soooo many beaches to choose from, no matter what side of the island you are on! Even though the choices are endless, Bermy is well known for some in specific.

Me at Coco Reef

I listed the best beaches in order (in my opinion) below!

You can actually walk from Warwick Long Bay to Horseshoe Bay and stop at Jobson’s Cove. I loved Jobson’s Cove because the water wasn’t as choppy from the waves breaking. We also got to swim alongside some Parrotfish there. The water was so clear at all of these beaches, you could see everything around you. The waves were a little dangerous at times and they even knocked me on my ass at some point, but nonetheless the view was absolutely amazing!

Warwick Long Bay
Tobacco Bay
Tobacco Bay
Walking towards Tobacco Bay
Tobacco Bay, Bermuda
Tobacco Bay
Coco Reef Beach
Me at Coco Reef Beach
Coco Reef
Coco Reef
Mom’s & I
Me at Coco Reef

Where To Eat:

Aside from transportation being so expensive, eating is probably a close second if not more expensive. Again, this is because everything is imported. Some restaurants even add a 17% gratuity charge on the bill automatically. There are definitely more affordable alternatives like cooking your own meals or grabbing something simple, but what’s a vacation without nice meals? I’m one for a view, especially around sunset. I also wanted to make sure I indulged in some of their fresh seafood. Bermuda is known for their Wahoo, Rockfish, Snapper, Tuna, and Spiny Lobster.

Wahoo Tacos from Wahoo's - Bermuda
Wahoo Tacos from Wahoo’s
The fish were active during lunch at Wahoo’s
Our view at Wahoo’s ft. a Parrotfish

Some restaurants I would recommend are:

Don’t forget to try a Rum Swizzle or a Dark ‘n Stormy! These are the national drinks of Bermuda! 🇧🇲🍹

KFC prices in Bermuda
KFC is the ONLY fast food chain on the island. Check that price!
Dinner at Aurora

This was a trip I started planning in 2019 and had to wait a year and half to take because of Covid. Even though we had to travel during strict restrictions and had to put this vacation off until now, I am so happy I finally got to live out my dream of visiting Bermuda. It was everything I dreamed of and more! It’s truly one of the most beautiful islands on this planet and I will never forget my first time here! If I had to use one word to describe Bermy, I would call it secluded!! This is a location that should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Sunset Part 1
Sunset Part 2
Sunset Part 3
Headed Home
Part of the reef that protects Bermuda


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  1. Oh wow girl, you’ve got me dreaming of white sandy beaches and cocktails. It’s my dream to get to Bermuda, I’ve always wanted to go! Your photos are incredible and this post is super helpful for prices, places to go and places to stay. Can I hide in your suitcase next time you go!?


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    1. It’s seriously so beautiful! It’s one of those places you need to go to more than once. It’s also so secluded, which i loved! I cannot recommend enough. I hope you get to make it sometime! 😊 Thank you so much for reading 💕


  2. Oh my god, totally adding Bermuda to my must-see list! I mean I could have passed hours scrolling through picture after picture and still be amazed! The crystal caves and the beaches were gorgeous as well as how green the whole island is! Love the bright colours of the buildings x

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  3. OMG! This was so informative! As a travel guide, I really enjoyed reading your post, beautifully written! I’m not gonna lie, you definitely made me desperately want to visit Bermuda! I traveled a lot, but there are so many places I don’t know much about and they look like a paradise! I’m glad you could make it happen and thank you for sharing!

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  4. I have never considered visiting Bermuda before but this post makes me want too! It looks like such a breathtaking island. When the local people are friendly and helpful, it makes the whole experience so much greater, doesn’t it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bermuda is such a beautiful island that often gets overlooked! It’s so secluded as well. Could not recommend visiting enough! At least once in your lifetime. Hope you get to make it!


  5. wow! what stunning photos. All that sunshine made me feel happy like I’d been on a mini break to Bermuda. The crystal caves look like a ‘must see’. Thanks for all the tips

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