The Sad Truth Of Being A Woman.

Most of the news that we read or hear about is negative. Someone got robbed. Someone got shot. Someone got into an accident. But it seems like most of the news that's been going around the Midwest is a lot more concerning... The reason I bring this up is because of all the articles I've... Continue Reading →

My 90 Pound Life.

Do you guys remember when being skinny was in? All your girlfriends would tell you how much they "hate you" because you're so slim and "cute." That you have a perfect figure that they long for, but can never get... I'm only 4'11, but I don't think I've ever weighed more than 110 pounds in... Continue Reading →


For all who have not been to Nashville before, PLEASE GO! I've been wondering when I was going to step foot in Nash again since the last time I went in 2013! My boyfriend and I decided to take a mini vacation during Memorial Day weekend for a couple of days. Since we wanted to... Continue Reading →

How Does It All End?

We tend to use phrases like "until I die" or when people get married, one of the vows are "until death do us part." But what does this even mean? How does anyone know what it's like to experience death if we're still alive? How can you say what will happen if you never even... Continue Reading →

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