Must Read. [List Inside]

Usually when I’m reading a new book, I’ll post random quotes that I enjoyed on my social media sites. Because of this, some of my friends tend to ask what books I’m reading. I decided to make this blog post so I could share all the books I have read, along with the books I’m currently reading.

Some of these books are about heartache and losing someone close to you. Others are about self-love and fixing your broken pieces. Many of them are about BOTH. What they all share in common though, is how dark they can be. Something about this darkness draws me in. I can relate to a lot of the feelings that are written by these authors.

One book in particular, Black Butterfly,Β is mainly about losing someone in death or in life. It helped me cope with the passing of my dad and also with my feelings at the time in late 2016.

Out of the books I have listed, my most recommended would be Beautiful And Damned by R.M. Drake.Β I absolutely loved this one so so so much! Half of the book contains short stories and the other half are poems. I loved every short story that R.M. Drake wrote in this one! Each narrative was different than the last, but it was the endings that really got me. I would find myself reflecting on each story every time I finished one.

Here’s one of my favorite parts from Beautiful And Damned

“There were times when I would drink and then the next day feel as if I wasn’t myself — as if I was out of my body and I’d watch myself slowly drift away with the clouds. But there were times, even without the liquor, when I felt this way too, and those were the times where I needed someone the most. Those were the times I didn’t go to school, the times I would lock myself within myself and see if someone would care enough to save me.”


The list below are all the amazing books I have read and would recommend!😊

  • the princess saves herself in this oneAmanda Lovelace
  • the witch doesn’t burn in this oneAmanda Lovelace
  • the mermaid’s voice returns in this oneAmanda Lovelace
  • to make monsters out of girls – Amanda Lovelace
  • soft thornsBridgett Devoue
  • BlushCiCi B
  • Spilled WordsCici B
  • Lost And Found: The Book of Short StoriesCiCi B
  • Girl Power: The Crimson Kiss Quote Collection II – CiCi B
  • Letters To My ExCiCi B
  • Pillow ThoughtsCourtney Peppernell
  • I Wrote This For YouIain S. Thomas
  • Of YesteryearLauren Eden
  • Delicate ThoughtsM. Ballard
  • excerpts from the book i’ll never writeNadia Starbinski
  • becoming. -Renaada Williams
  • I hope this reaches her in timer.h. Sin
  • Rest in the Mourningr.h. Sin
  • Whiskey Words & a Shovel Ir.h. Sin
  • Whiskey Words & a Shovel IIr.h. Sin
  • Whiskey Words & a Shovel lll – r.h. Sin
  • Whiskey Mind Sober Heartr.h. Sin
  • Empty Bottles Full of Stories – r.h Sin & R.M. Drake
  • A Brilliant MadnessR.M. Drake
  • Beautiful ChaosR.M. Drake
  • Black ButterflyR.M. Drake
  • Beautiful And Damned R.M. Drake
  • Broken Flowers – R.M. Drake
  • Moon TheoryR.M. Drake
  • Star TheoryR.M. Drake
  • Chaos TheoryR.M. Drake
  • Light TheoryR.M. Drake
  • Milk and HoneyRupi Kaur
  • The Sun and Her FlowersRupi Kaur
  • Skin, Bones, and Too Much Love – S L Gray
  • Dear MidnightZack Grey

The following titles are the books I’m currently reading…

  • This Is Me Letting You GoHeidi Priebe
  • GravityR.M. Drake
  • The Mistakes Of A WomanM. Sosa
  • Inside Out: A MemoirDemi Moore
  • Know My NameChanel Miller
  • Wild EmbersNikita Gill

I will update this list once I finish and will add more books as I read! Hope these books find you well!


La Flare

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  1. One thing I love about reading on my Kindle is that I can highlight my favourite quotes and then I can go back and look at all the things I’ve highlighted! Thanks for sharing all these recommendations, I lost my Grandad last year who was like my best friend so I’m going to look into that Black Butterfly one!
    Jess //


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