The Sad Truth Of Being A Woman.

Most of the news that we read or hear about is negative. Someone got robbed. Someone got shot. Someone got into an accident. But it seems like most of the news that’s been going around the Midwest is a lot more concerning…

The reason I bring this up is because of all the articles I’ve been reading the last few weeks. I’m 100% aware that this happens all over the world and not just here, but for all these reports to happen in a short amount of time is VERY alarming. And these are reports that have been made! What about the others that haven’t come to light YET?

It’s depressing to even think about. Every time I leave my house, I shouldn’t have to worry if someone is going to follow me. If someone is going to kidnap me. Or if someone is going to hurt me! It also doesn’t help that I’m an ideal target because of my size. I do a lot of things alone (e.g shopping, running errands) and I feel like I constantly need to be aware of who’s around me at all times. Again, I know that these crimes aren’t new and happen everywhere, but holy fuck! There’s a new rape everyday in Chicago and/or Northwest Indiana. Women are being dragged into cars waiting for the bus and being raped. Women are being pulled into alleys and being raped in broad daylight. Women are going to concerts and getting raped in porta potties!! (WHAT THE FUCK WRIGLEY FIELD?!)

Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s just absolutely fucking sad! I’m not even bringing up the weekly Facebook posts I see of men following women with children. Or even women in general. I see some people saying that these posts are getting out of control, but you can NEVER be TOO safe. It’s better to be wrong from an assumption than to think nothing of it and not warn others!

One report I want to talk about in specific is the Mollie Tibbetts case. For those of you who don’t know, Mollie went missing on July 18th in a small town of Brooklyn, Iowa. By the news articles, it seems like she was your typical 20 year old college student full of life with loving friends & family by her side. The more this goes on, the more it seems like she was taken against her own will. I have been following this case everyday since I heard about it the week after her disappearance.

The reason I’m so wrapped up in this is because of how close it is to home! Iowa is only two states away and we’re both part of the Midwest! Even though we live hours away in Indiana, ANY SHARE helps spread the word! It literally only takes two seconds to share something and go on with your day. How can people share inappropriate content all day with their family on their Facebook, but can’t take a moment to share a missing persons report? If you ask me, that’s just straight up fucked up. I haven’t seen one person on my Facebook share an article about this poor girl and it’s probably because nobody cares enough. This happens all the time and we don’t live in Iowa, so everyone’s probably like the hell with this. BUT WE’RE STILL THE MIDWEST!! GIVE THE ARTICLE A SHARE!!! There might be someone on your friend list that can help or spread the word further!

I’ve seen some nasty remarks of people saying the only reason that Mollie’s case is being told nationwide compared to other missing cases is because “she’s white.” I’m very sorry if anyone feels that way and if you do, I think you might need some help within.

The reason that her case is being spread so quickly is simply because of AWARENESS!

Her FAMILY & FRIENDS are doing everything in their power to make sure this case doesn’t die. To make sure they find Mollie. Right now the cash reward is at $300,000. The highest ever for a missing person! This has nothing to do with race! This case is going viral simply because of the awareness her family and friends have made. Somebody out there knows something and every share made about her case will help bring her home!

All in all, I feel that being a woman in today’s society is very scary. What am I to do if I can’t protect myself? I’m sure every woman who’s been a victim didn’t think it would happen to her, but am I supposed to wait for the day it might? Or should I take the precautions to be prepared for something like this?

I don’t know, but I don’t feel safe.

La Flare


Here’s a link to Twitter if you want to help spread the word about Mollie & keep up with updates—- Finding Mollie

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  1. I agree with you 1000% it is so scary going out & doing everyday Things alone these days .
    As for the missing girl , I never heard about it until your post! So sad :(((

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  2. It’s weird that I came across this post today as, only yesterday, me and my family were discussing this as, on my half an hour walk from work to the bus station yesterday, I was hollered at by 2 men (or should I call them boys?). One was driving past in his van and literally stuck his entire head and shoulders out of the window to scream “HELLO!” at me, and then the other I just walked past and he made a remark.
    This happens waaay too often, and this was literally in broad daylight in front of hundreds of people. I can’t even walk to the shops without being stared or leered at, and it’s just so ridiculous that women can’t go anywhere, even in broad daylight, without being on edge! Even if I’m walking and can hear footsteps behind me, or I see a man walking towards me, I actually get scared!
    Sorry for the essay, but it’s so sad that this is the world we live in, where women can’t feel safe running their daily errands. It definitely says something about the ideas of women that some men have, and we really do need the true men to join our team in fighting this.
    Thanks for sharing this post xx

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  3. I hate to say it, but people often don’t share those missing persons posts on social nedia because they’re so easy to fake and difficult to verify even in the best circumstances… And there have been plenty of cases of people creating and then using fakes to track down people they previously stalked and doing real damage.

    With the damage it can do- and has done- it’s just not worth it unless the post was verifiably created by a validated account for a police department or similar organization- and the incredible major it just aren’t. But that doesn’t mean people don’t care. You don’t have to scream at the top of your lungs at anyone who will n, in every forum available, for you to “actually care” about something. Sometimes (most times, let’s be real) there are better, more effective ways of doing things than partivipating in what’s ultimately just another form of performative activism on social media.


    1. It creates more awareness to find the girl or anyone who is missing for that matter. Do you know the power social media has? You’d be amazed. Also, her case is very real. Just Google it. We can agree to disagree, Either way, thanks for reading.


      1. Doe it create mvore awareness? Yes. Is awareness ALWAYS a good thing that makes a sittuation better? No.

        Do I doubt her case is real? No. Have fake missing persons cases been created on social media for nefarious purposes like stalking? Yes- and frequently.

        Not sharing for fear of actually contributing to someone’s danger due to the multitude of unknowns that exist behind the true nature of a post on social media, especially in a time when social media bulletins and posts largely cannot be trusted to be true and accurate, doesn’t mean someone “doesn’t care”.

        Sometimes quieter methods are safer and more effective. Sometimes awareness is not the only light you can shine- and sometimes awareness isn’t the right light to shine in the first place. Sometimes awareness makes a situation worse. Sometimes silence is, in fact, actually better.

        Not screaming about something at anyone who will listen doesn’t… Not being as vocal and in your face about something as everyone else doesn’t mean your methods are ineffective or illegitimate, or that your don’t really care about a situation.

        Activism, like life itself, is not black and white. It is not cut and dry. You can hurt more than you help, even when you think you’re helping… And it is important that activists continuously evaluate the legitimate impacts of their actions in order to routinely ensure they’re doing more harm than good… Not insisting people “don’t care” if they’re not participating in x, y, z performative action without concern for its impact or truth.


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