26 Important Facts About Growing Up

Since I’m turning 27 today, I’m sharing 26 important facts I’ve learned over the last year or so. Self-care is SOOOO important, so don’t ever feel bad for doing what’s best for YOU and putting yourself first!

YOUR life, YOUR choices.

Let’s start;

  1. Your mom is ALWAYS right.
  2. There is nothing wrong with cutting people off with no warning. You don’t owe anyone an explanation that’s a toxic person in your life.
  3. Everyone will hurt you. You just have to figure out who’s worth the pain.
  4. Love hurts. But it’s also worth it.
  5. People who were once your friends will talk about you. More specifically, at the neighborhood bar on a Friday Night.
  6. It’s okay to NOT drink every weekend OR any chance you get.
  7. It’s also okay to sit at home on the weekends and do NOTHING.
  8. Not everyone will understand your dark personality. Don’t change because others are intimidated or see something wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s something wrong with them!
  9. Β PEOPLE SUCK!! But there’s still some good souls in this world.
  10. Go on vacation every chance you get. Life is more exciting when you’re somewhere new.
  11. Don’t be ashamed of who you are and don’t feel bad for sticking up for yourself!
  12. Stop prioritizing people who don’t give you the time of day.
  13. Always get even. Revenge is sweet when they least expect it.
  14. Don’t worry about fitting in. It’s better to be different and stand out.
  15. Alone time isn’t always lonely.
  16. Deep conditioning your hair & face masks are your bff’s.
  17. Stop caring what everyone thinks.
  18. Don’t feel bad for having expensive taste. Disregard everyone’s comments. If they could afford it, they’d buy it too.
  19. Always take pictures. Even if you don’t post them. Memories are priceless.Β 
  20. Pay attention to who’s there when hard times hit. You’ll know who really cares.
  21. People CAN change, BUT let go of those who don’t change their toxic ways. They can bring you down with them.
  22. Life is way too short to worry all the time.
  23. The ones who criticize everything you do low key envy you.
  24. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY (Purses, Cars, Friends, Etc.)Β 
  25. Make your moves in silence. Telling everyone will only get them to copy you.
  26. Karma is real. Everyone will get theirs in due time.


La Flare

The Sun & Her Flowers – Rupi Kaur


85 thoughts on “26 Important Facts About Growing Up

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  1. Great post! I agree with all of these! It’s really nice to spend weekends doing things other than drinking (my roommates last year always had parties that drove me crazy). I also enjoy vacationing/exploring every chance I get. And revenge and getting even is always fun, especially when you’re patient and they don’t expect it. πŸ™‚

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  2. All of these were so true and resonated with me. I turned 24 in July and I’m still figuring out who in my life is worth the pain.
    Great post!


  3. All of these points are so true and resonated with me. I turned 24 in July and I’m still figuring out who in my life is worth the pain.
    Great post!


  4. Happy Birthday Sorayah! This post was πŸ’― I agree that moms are always right! Thank you Twitter I just found another great blog 😊 Subscribed!
    Venus | blueberrycreativedesigns.wordpress.com

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  5. “15. Alone time isn’t always lonely.”
    THIS!!!! So many people need to learn this and some never do! I learned this one the hard way and it was worth every bit of the pain it took to get me there. Great post – hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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  6. great post! i totally agree that alone time isn’t always lonely. I actually love spending time by myself. I have anxiety and i’m always worrying about something so being by myself is the one time i’m able to just let go and truly relax.

    mich / simplymich.com

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  7. I love this!! I’ve got a few months before I’m turning 27 and I’m still not good at the self-care stuff. Really got the giggles reading this, definitely tips I’m going to bear in mind! Great post!

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  8. “It’s also okay to sit at home on the weekends and do NOTHING.” Because these weekends are going to be the most amazing weekends ever. Sleep all day is a good thing!

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  9. I officially feel like an adult now! I agree with all of them especially ‘mam is always right’ I didn’t learn this until I had a child of my own.
    Also karma! I heavily rely on it, it usually happens when I’m plotting revenge. 😁

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