Setting Goals For Yourself

With the start of a new year, people tend to make New Year’s resolutions that they try to stick to all year long. Even though this is a great idea, why do we wait until a new year to start working towards our goals? There are 365 days in a year and everyday that we don’t take advantage of to better ourselves is a complete loss.

Setting goals for yourself is super important. I really can’t stress this enough. Being able to look back on your accomplishments and everything you have achieved thus far is truly an eyeopener and also one of the most rewarding feelings! Imagine going through the list of goals you wrote down and noticing how many of those you have reached or are close to reaching!

Now there is a difference between short-term goals & long-term goals. Short-term goals are things you can accomplish within a year or less. These are the goals that we work on daily and keep track of the most. An example of a short-term goal would be to pay off a loan before the end of the year. With long-term goals, these are things we want to get done in the future. There is really no time frame since we constantly work towards these goals, but they can be for the near future or several years out. An example of a long-term goal would be to put a down payment on a house or deciding to get your master’s degree. I think having a list of both short-term and long-term goals helps keep us motivated in wanting to do better!

From my personal experience, I have found that writing my goals down twice a year (at the minimum) has helped me reach them a lot faster. I used to think that if I just kept them in my head and repeated them to myself every now and then, I would get them done, but honestly this doesn’t work well. I would either forget some of my goals and remember them later or just not have the motivation in me to make any steps closer to them. There is something about writing your goals down and looking at them everyday that helps! I’m not even lying. Try it and refer back to that list. You will see exactly what I mean!

Whether you want to become a better person, own your own business, or eat healthier, we always have goals we want to accomplish and will strive to meet them! Next time you say to yourself, “I wish I could be better at this” add it to your list! I’m 100% certain when you look back and see how many of your goals have been met, you will be so proud of yourself!😊 Good luck and Happy New Year!


La Flare


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  1. Thank you for sharing this great advice! I too find that I am more likely to achieve my goals if I write them down and continue to go back to them!

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  2. Yes I love goal setting! I used to just keep them in my head but writing them out is definitely more helpful. I think next time I’ll organize them into long term and short term goals!

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  3. I’m always writing down little goals for myself, this year’s been a bit tricky accomplishing some of them but I never wait for new year to set them, if anything I avoid setting them at new year.

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  4. I love your idea on writing down your goals twice a year. That’s super smart. I’ve been more focused on writing short term goals down that my longer term goals are getting neglected or just forgotten.
    Great post. Thank you for sharing!

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  5. The differentiation between short and long term goals is really good. True, goals lead us to progressively attain success through the consistent action steps. Writing them down and reading them over and over helps with imprinting them in our sub-conscious minds making us to be familiar with them hance attaining them with less resistance and much ease. Thank you for the post.

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  6. It’s interesting to read how you set goals! Lately, I’ve been setting myself goals every month. I find that’s a good time frame because it’s short enough to keep me motivated, and at the end of each month I can review how I did and set the next months’ goals accordingly. I also have some longer-term goals that can’t be achieved in a month, but I like to plan out steps to reach it and do a few each month πŸ™‚ I totally agree that writing our goals down makes us more likely to reach them!

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  7. Yes girl, we definitely need to make goals for ourselves, no matter how big or small! And I agree that goals can be set literally whenever! We don’t have to wait until January 1st, every day is a new day! Thanks for sharing πŸ’—

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  8. Great post! This is a good reminder to revisit goals set earlier in the year and revise/create new goals as the year progresses. Especially this year – who knew we’d have a pandemic on NYD!

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  9. So true and it helps you to hold yourself accountable for things you want to do. I have a growing list everyday and I love checkingoff things I have accomplished.

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  10. Having goals to aim for is so important- otherwise you can lose track of where you’re going! I have a five year plan that’s broken down to 6-month, 2 and 5 year segments to keep me honest. I also try to include three measurable goals in my monthly bullet journal setups- although sometimes I do forget to link these to my long term plan! Thanks for sharing ☺️

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    1. This is awesome! I love the motivation of a 6 month, 2 year, & 5 year plan! Very well organized to keep you on your toes! I might have to do something similar. Thank you for the idea & Thank you so much for reading !πŸ–€

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  11. I’m a listmaker. Writing things down is somehow satisfying and helps me achieve them. Maybe I should take one of the many pretty journals I own but have yet to find anything worth filling them with and make a goal list.

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  12. Great advice. Rather than sticking to just the once a year approach of New Year’s resolutions, I have made it a habit to set goals every quarter. That way, they are smaller goals that feel more achievable, however, they add up to bigger achievements by the year’s end.

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  13. I agree, what is it about the new year that makes us think that’s the time to reinvent our life?! Actually, it’s likely the worst time, after the stress and exhaustion of Christmas, and the struggle to return to a work routine! As you wisely say, goals should be set when we need to set them, there is no perfect time or perfect day, except now! Thanks for a great read.

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  14. I love to set myself goals and I have them for almost everything. I set goals for my reading and for my work productivity and always have an idea of what I want to get done in one day. Sometimes ill fail and thats okay. I think its important to never beat yourself up for a missed goal as long as you know you tried! x

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  15. This is the first year I’ve been really intentional with my goals, and honestly, it’s totally working! I’m planning to do reviews every quarter but if that’s too much, I’ll probably do it every six months like you πŸ˜‰

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  16. I like setting goals. I used to just set goals during the New Year like most people but you’re right, there are 365 days in a year. Doesn’t just have to a be a new year so I started setting goals for myself short term ones monthly since last year. But I also have long term goals I’ve put down in writing. It’s so nice to see when you look back and see how far you have progressed in terms of reaching it or even better when you do reach the goal!

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  17. Loved reading this! I always write down my goals and then divided them at the end of every month so that I can keep myself accountable and see what needs more work and what to do differently, but also to see what I achieve x

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  18. Lovely post. I write down things I’d like to achieve, however make sure they’re manageable. For example if I have a big Β£ amount I’d like to save instead of having that as my goal, I’d write down different ways I could help achieve it. I find it much more manageable & the success spurs me on.


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    1. That’s a great idea! I think that’s super beneficial. I might need to try this. Thanks for sharing and thank you so much for reading! πŸ’•


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