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When I first started my blog, my mission was to share my writing with others and be able to express myself openly on a platform that I owned. I soon realized this was a great way to share my photography as well.

I enjoy making these blog posts every now and then with photos I never got to share. This also gives the reader the opportunity to do less reading and appreciate the visuals!

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La Flare

The Mistakes Of A Woman
Lake Michigan — Chesterton, Indiana
Lake Michigan — Chesterton, Indiana
The Smoky Mountains
Salem’s 2nd Birthday
Salem’s 2nd Birthday
Titanic Museum
The Mistakes Of A Woman
Freshly Planted Succulents
Indianapolis, Indiana
My furbaby ❀
My 29th Birthday Cake
My 29th Birthday Celebration
Salem in his leopard print sweater πŸ™‚
Spell Jar crafted under the blue moon
Big Sis Talks — CiCi B
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Salem isn’t thrilled about my vacation planning to Alaska
Chicago Skyline
Salem in his Halloween attire
The Sun And Her Flowers
Budlong’s Hot Chicken Sandwich !
Salem James ❀

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  1. “certain things didn’t work out because better things were coming” – I love that quote, and it is so true. I think I’ve commented on your beautiful photos before, so I will double down on that. You are a wonderful photographer.

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  2. These quotes/sayings are such a nice reminder. These are definitely things I wish someone told me, or as the book says a big sis talk. Also, Salem is precious πŸ™‚ I hope they get through your trip absence just fine.

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  3. i love this post, and the idea of incorporating photos in it. Considering the travel restrictions right now, this post managed to me feel like I was right there. So thank you for that. certainly signing up for your newsletter! Also what were the titles of the poetry books?

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  4. Lovely post! Your cat is adorable, and I love his expressions haha. These pictures made me smile, seeing I’m not leaving the house all that much lol. It also reminded me to start reading some poetry books again. Loved your pictures as well, you’re a great photographer!

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  5. Your cat is adorable, and some of the photos were gorgeous! Lake Michigan and the Smoky Mountains look very impressive. Blogging is a nice way of expressing yourself, and I love having an accessible platform to share my short stories. Keep up the photography!

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